Support car key matching models

BMW 1 Series:E81、E82、E87、E88、F20、F21、F52、F40

BMW 2 Series:F22、F23、F44、F45、F46

BMW 3 Series:E36、E46、E90、E91、E92、E93、F30、F31、F34、F35

BMW 4 Series:F32、F33、F36

BMW 5 Series:E34、E39、E60、E61、F07、F10、F11、F18

BMW 6 Series:E63、E64、F06、F12、F13

BMW 7 Series:E38、E65、E66、F01、F02、F03、F04

BMW 8 Series:E31

BMW X1:E84、F48、F49

BMW X2:F39

BMW X3:E83、F25

BMW X4:F26

BMW X5:E53、E70、F15

BMW X6:E71、E72、F16

BMW M2:F87

BMW M3:E90、E92、E93、F80

BMW M4:F82、F83

BMW M5:E60、F10、F90

BMW M6:E63、E64、F06、F12、F13

BMW M8:F91、F92

BMW X3 M:F97

BMW X4 M:F98

BMW X5 M:E70、F85、F95

BMW X6 M:F94

BMW Z3:E36、E37

BMW Z4:E85、E86、E89

BMW Z8:E52

BMW MINI:R50、R52、R53、R54、R55、R56、R57、R58、R60、R61、F54、F55、F56、F60



About the function of BMW car key matching

Read key information:Read out the anti-theft information and key information of the vehicle,such as VIN、Anti-theft version、Remote control frequency、Key number, key ID, key type, and key position status.

Generate dealer key: After selecting the blank key bit, click this function to match the new key.

Synchronous ELV: When the steering wheel lock fails; when the key is matched, the car cannot start.

Synchronize DME: When the key is matched, the car cannot be started. Please execute this function to synchronize the DME and CAS system.

Restore key bit: When this key bit is used, it can be initialized.

Unlock key: restore the key to a brand new state, which can be used again.

Disable key: When the owner's key is lost, the relevant key bit can be shielded so that it no longer works on the vehicle.

Enable key: enable the disabled key bit to make the key work on the vehicle again.

Mileage reset: The device can read the mileage information of the anti-theft module, and execute this function to make the mileage become 0.

Exit shipping mode: When the vehicle is diagnosed with this fault code, please execute this function to eliminate the fault code and return the vehicle to normal.

Recovery code:After the car is matched with a new key, there is a failure of no coding file, this function can be used to restore the original coding file.

Replace FEM/BDC/CAS4:When the car module is faulty, use this function to help the vehicle replace the module.

Backup FAFP: Applicable to BMW FEM/BDC modules, backup original FAFP files.

Restore FAFP: Applicable to BMW FEM/BDC module, write the required FAFP file.

Reset starter lock: After replacing the BMW FEM/BDC module, the vehicle does not start, please execute this function.

Remote key repair: When the EEPROM chip on the BMW FEM/BDC module is damaged or the data is lost, causing the key to fail, you can use this function to repair the original car key.


Supports reading and writing BMW DME ISN models in OBD mode


MEVD172Y F10 MOTOR  Engine electronics MEVD172 6 Cylinder

MEVD1724 F25 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N20

MEVD1725 F20 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N13

N63TU_R0 F01 MOTOR  Engine electronics MEVD172 8 Cylinder N63TU Master

N63TU_L0 F01 MOTOR2 Engine electronics MEVD172 8 Cylinder N63 TU Slave

S63TU_R0 F10 MOTOR  Engine electronics MEVD172 8 Cylinder S63TU Master

S63TU_L0 F10 MOTOR2 Engine electronics MEVD172 8 Cylinder S63 TU Slave

ME17N45  E87 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N45

MEV17N46 E87 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N46

MED17_2  R56 MOTOR  Motor Electronics

MED17_2N R56 MOTOR  Motor Electronics

MV1722   R56 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N16

MVD1722  R56 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N18H

MEVD174K E84 MOTOR  Engine electronics ME VD17.2.4 4 Cylinder N20

MEVD17KW E70 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N55

MEVD174K E84 MOTOR  Motorelektronik ME VD17.2.9 4 Zylinder N20

MEVD176K E89 MOTOR  Engine Electronics ME VD17.2.6 6 Zylinder N55 Bosch High pressure pump

MEV17_2  R56 MOTOR  Motor Electronics

MSV70    E63 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N52

MEV9N46L E87 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N46

ME9N62   E65 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N62

MEV9N46  E46 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N46

N62_TUE  E65 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N62

N62_TUE2 E65 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N62

MEV9N46L E87 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N46

ME9N62   E60 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N62

MEV9N46L E90 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N45

ME9N62   E60 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N62

MS450DS0 E60 MOTOR  Motor Electronics M54

MS450DS0 E65 MOTOR  Motor Electronics M54

ME9N62_2 Mor MOTOR  Motor Electronics

ME9N62_2 E65 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N62

ME9E65_6 E65 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N62

ME9E65_6 E60 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N62

ME9N45   E87 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N45

ME9N45   E46 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N45

N73_R0   E65 MOTOR  Motor Electronics N73 Master

N73_L0   E65 MOTOR2 Motor Electronics N73 Slave

MSS60    E90 MOTOR  Motor Electronics S65


Support the use of CGDI wiring harness to read and write BMW DME ISN models












Support BMW Service function

BMW Diagnosis: read and clear vehicle fault codes, and provide solutions.

BMW E Series Program:Suitable for BMW E series vehicles, read all module information, you can specify a module for programming.

BMW E Series Coding:It is suitable for BMW E series vehicles. It reads all module information, can specify a module for coding, and also supports modification of VO code and activation of hidden functions.

BMW F/G Series Program:It is suitable for BMW F/G series vehicles, reads all module information, can specify a module for programming, and also supports the initialization of airbag/sunroof/window modules.

BMW F/G Series Coding:It is suitable for BMW F/G series vehicles. It reads all module information, can designate a module for coding, and also supports modification of VO code and activation of hidden functions.


BMW EGS  Computer repair and replacement

BMW E series: Support 6HP, functions include status detection, reset adaptation, VIN modification and ECU reset.

BMW F series: Support 6HP and 8HP, functions include data backup, erase reset and clear ISN.


BMW Data Repair

Support modules include CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS4, FEM and BDC, and can modify frequency, VIN and ISN.

Supported DME models include N13, N20, N55 and B38, and VIN and ISN can be modified.

Support DME_ISN, EWS_ISN, KEY_CODE to calculate each other, used for CAS4 module and FEM/BDC module repair and replacement.


BMW CAS mileage reset

Support CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3, modify the mileage to 0.


BMW ICOM function

When this function is executed, the device will automatically register and you can use the original BMW software.


BMW EEPROM data read and write

Supports data reading and writing of the anti-theft chip 95128 of BMW FEM module (Free of dismantling)

Supports data reading and writing of the anti-theft chip 95256 of BMW BDC module (Free of dismantling)

Support BMW ELV chip 95040 data read and write (Free of dismantling)


Maserati car mileage modification

Support Levante (95320), Geberit (95160), President (95160), OBD mode, no need to disassemble, fast and stable.


Other functions

Actively check software and firmware, remind customers to upgrade;

Function classification, online authorization, to help customers quickly locate;

The equipment is automatically activated, breaking the time limit;

Built-in help and operation tutorial to eliminate customers' concerns about operating errors;

Customize and adjust the software interface and font size to meet the habits of each customer.




























V3.2.1.3  NEW


1. 'FEM/BDC Key Match', 'BMW E Series Coding', 'BMW F/G Series Coding', 'BMW Diagnosis' Function optimization

2. Fix some bugs and optimize software performance 



1.Fix the problem of abnormal download of programming files 

2.N13/N20/N55/B38 Read/Write ISN: Added type



3.New in main interface - "Online tutorial"



1. BMW EGS Change: Added 6HP(E): 

(1)Read EGS ISN, EGS status, Reset adaptation, Modify VIN, ECU reset

(2)Some EGS supports 'Read EGS ISN': 7576211, 7572988, 7582344, 7582348, 7567223, 7567224, 7567406, 7568222, 7572416, 7573660, 7575795, 7575796, 7591972, 7605219, 7606220, 7591971, 7599827, 7607116

2. CAS Mileage Reset: Added 'Sync ELV'

3. N13/N20/N55/B38 Read/Write ISN:

(1)Added 'Modify VIN'

(2)Added type: EDC17C06, MEVD17.2.8

4. FEM/BDC Key Match: Add 00002419.082_010_030, 00002419.083_010_010 two versions of FEM/BDC with key

5. BMW Diagnosis: updated version DIAG_4.28.12

6. Display optimization: BMW Data Repair, CAS1-3+ Key Match(OBD), BMW F/G Series Program

7. Technical support video update 

8. Fix some bugs and optimize software performance



1. Fix CAS3 Key Match, CAS4 Key Match: Generate dealer key

2. Fix BMW Data Repair: Input the original key data

3. Fix BMW E Series Program: bootloader program

4. Fix some bugs and optimize software performance



1. Software interface optimization and upgrade

2. Porsche Key Learning added 2M25J chip Learning:Read basic information, Key learning, Load EEPROM

3. CAS4 Key Match(OBD) added "Repair remote key intelligence"

4. Key Match process and display optimization

5. BMW data Repair process optimization

6. Fix some bugs and optimize software performance



1. FEM/BDC Key Match:

(1.1) Added Remote key repair function

(1.2) Optimization Mileage reset

2. CAS4 Key Match(OBD): fix 1L15Y Mileage reset

3. N13/N20/N55/B38 Read/Write ISN: Added type

(3.1) EDC17CP02                

(3.2) MEVD17.2.3

4. Optimization File loading: CAS3 Key Match, BMW Data Repair



1. Cas4 Key Match:Add fast pre-processing method, support 5M48H/1N35H/1L15Y:

1.1 Only 2 minutes for pretreatment

1.2 Support OBD backup D-FLASH (EEPROM), P-FLASH

1.3 Support OBD replacement CAS4

1.4 Display Optimization

2. N13/N20/N55/B38 Read/Write ISN: Added type

2.1 EDC17C50                

2.2 EDC17CP45

2.3 EDC17CP49

2.4 MEVD17.2.H

3. BMW Data Repair: Added B38 modification VIN,ISN



1. BMW E Series Program: fix the problem of parking brake programming key failure

2. BMW Data Repair: when loading CAS3, CAS4 encrypted files, add the option to input the original key data

3. ICOM Function: Optimize connection

4. New and optimized interface:

4.1. Added Settings-software activation, technical support

4.2. Added After-sales contact information (upper left corner of the main interface)



1. Display Optimization 

2. You cannot use the device with the old software version, please install the latest software version



1. Added Turkish version(Need authorization)

2. Firmware upgrade



1. Added BMW EGS Change(F Series-6HP) [Erase and reset]

2. Added BMW E Series Program [Advanced programming]

3. Optimize CAS4 Key Match, FEM/BDC Key Match, ISN Show window

4. Fix user registration issues



1. Added G_B48 B58 read ISN

2. Added MSV80 read ISN(BENCH)

3. Added ICOM function (does not support XP computer system)

4. Optimize CAS4 Key Match(OBD) processes

5. Optimize BMW Key Match(OBD), CAS1-3+ Key Match, FEM/BDC Key Match interface



1. Added CAS4 Key Match(OBD) to support(1N35H/5M48H),Exist in BMW Key Match(OBD).

2. Added BMW F/G-series hidden code

3. Added BMW Key Match(OBD),Automatic identification of BMW anti-theft type(Contain:CAS1-3+ Key Match,CAS4 Key Match,FEM/BDC Key Match)



1. Added French version

2. Added: B48 B58 read ISN

3. Added: MSD80/D81/D85/D87/MSV90 read ISN

4. Added: N13/N20/N55/B38 ISN read and write 

5. F system code increases the function of modifying VO code

6. E system code brush hiding function to increase the search button



1. Added Spanish version

2. BMW EGS Change: increase EGS_6HP

3. Fix E series programming E89, R56 car English version display problem;  Increase the detection of foot space on programming CAS 

4. Optimize BMW diagnostics, E system code interface



1. Added: EWS1-3 key matching function.

2. The E-code is modified to modify the VO code function, and the VO code can be added or deleted directly by the selection method, and the operation is simpler.

3. The BMW data modification adds support for both N13 and N55 engine data.



1. Added BMW E series programming, support single module programming of E60, E65, E70, E89, R56 and other chassis models (multimedia module requires fiber optic communication, temporarily not supported).

2. Added BMW E series code, support E60, E65, E70, E89, R56 and other chassis models single module code, backup code and recovery code.

3. FEM/BDC key matching: Add 0000155E.018_120_010, 00002419.081_010_020 two versions of FEM/BDC with key.

4. F/G system programming: increase the support of swfk, flup, blup programming files, and fix some programming failures.

5. CAS1-CAS3+ key matching: increase the Rolls-Royce CAS1, CAS2 key matching.

6. BMW data modification: Add CAS3+, CAS4+ ISN encryption and decryption functions.

7. Maserati Mileage Adjustment: Added the function of saving EEPROM data.

8. BMW F-series codding:Fix List display incomplete.